Translation Process
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Translation Methodology

We have several translators to handle international languages to English and vice versa translations. Methodology adopted in any particular work of translation is as follows:

  1. The Work Evaluation: The work is evaluated to analyze the industry vertical, for instance: IT, legal, Automobile, Medical, Telecom, Technical, Engineering, Market Research etc. Analysis for the time period required to complete the work.
  2. Assigning Expert Group: On the evaluation of the work and degree of technicality and complexity involved the expert group for the execution of work for the translation of the documents is decided.
  3. Glossary Preparation:The expert group in coordination with client decides about the list of common usage words (if any) to be uniformly used throughout the documents.
  4. Division of Work: Once the common usage list is in place the work is assigned within the expert group for the translations based on their efficiency and capability to handle the work.
  5. Proof Readings: After the translation is complete the expert group crosschecks the documents with predefined word list and does the proof reading for any misspelling or any mistakes in grammar.
  6. Compilations:The translated document is compiled as per the original document and securitized as for any omissions and errors.

Please note that glossary is prepared for software, manuals, other book forms and literary work translations. Availability of any previous terminology word list will be an advantage. As per client requirement the considerable work changes have to be incorporated in above process.

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