Interpretation Process
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Interpretation Process

There are only two kinds of services for interpretations:

  1. Consecutive interpreting: Here interpreter first listens to a section of speech then summaries it or rely the gist. Often this kind of interpretation is useful in one-to-one meeting or small groups.
  2. Simultaneous interpreting: The interpreter attempts to convey the meaning in real time. Naturally, there is small delay while interpreter processes information. This is most suitable to live interpretation during seminars or conferences. Nature of this job require interpreter to use specialist equipment to enable all listeners clear access to voice of an interpreter. However, it should be noted that two interpreters should be sourced to hold a complete day interpretation in order to avoid fatigue experienced by work.

When you look out for an interpreter, we suggest providing following information:

  • About Skill: Always be clear about the interpreter you need. Do you want a language expert to work on interpretation whole day or maybe you require someone to read and write during the job? What kind of knowledge of industry sector and experience an interpreter should have?
  • About Work: Provide as much information about situation of interpreter whilst working on your assignment. Whom should an interpreter work? Is there any special care required for difficult personalities, situations or working environments?
  • About Schedule: Give sufficient time to yourself and agency to find an appropriate person. Inform well in advance about the date, time and location of the job. For example if you require someone just for one day then an intimation of at least a week in advance should be appropriate. However, we can provide you an interpreter at short notice too.

Not to mention, an agency providing resource for any of the interpretation assignment should be qualified enough and having subject matter expertise to perform the desired work. The interpreters who strive to excel during seminar and conference booth interpretation are just exclusive. Resources we choose for your job posses’ in-depth knowledge in relative domain with quick response time to make your event go smooth with bilingual communication.

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