Language Trainings
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Training Methodology

We have very effective training workshops exclusively for corporate and specific audience to attain purposeful proficiency in language, which is organised by expert instructors.

  1. Introduction to Language: The language on the outset is introduced to fresh people to get their self accustomed to the new script of the language and practice during the course of the training.
  2. Grammar Usage:The basic grammar to use in the structuring of the sentences is taught to provide knowledge to form the basic sentences and to make trainees enable their self expression as for what they want to say using the second language.
  3. Making Sentences:The daily life conversation activities in the different situations like visiting a place, tours, meetings, shoppings and asking questions.
  4. Vocabulary:To acquaint the trainees about the different forms and objects, colors, counting, numbers, time and places, the basic Vocabulary is introduced.
  5. Conversations:The extensive conversation about the daily life activities and with stress on more usage of generic language is emphasized.
  6. Evaluations:Sum up the whole training session with the refreshing up of all the activities for the language usage. In the end, the course is completed with the evaluation test of the employees to know the performance of each trainee.

We have language educational programs available for Advanced Level, for certification in Proficiency and learning Technical language. In case your organisation is keen for imparting language skills then please speak to us before you decide. We can offer best services at reasonable prices by skilled faculty.

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