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Domain Knowledge

Domain knowledge is attributed to the personal capacity of a translator to handle a field of study. There are translators who learn the language skills and gathers extensive experience in doing translation to work as professional translator. Second is the person who has expertise in a domain knowledge and work as translator to make use of language skills. Both type of translators gathers the practical knowledge about the domain over a period of time. It includes the ability to decipher and crack the difficult jargons in the complex technical translations.

To begin with, we have to evaluate the domain of any specific document. It is very essential to choose the right person for the right documentation in order to ensure that your work is clutter-free. There are some areas which come as already worked upon in some languages and there others which turn out to be yet to explore areas for translators. At the first instance, we search for the appropriate person to work upon such requirement. Else, we aspire to win over such challenges within the existing team for any particular work. As per experience gained over the years, we may list our preferred area of our working as follows:

Administration Information Technology Product Manuals
Advertising and Marketing Legal Quality Assurance Documents
Chemicals Machinery Documentation Scientific Studies and Reports
Contracts and Tenders Manufacturing Technical Manuals & Instructions
Design and Drawings Manufacturing Industry Telecommunications
E-Commerce Medical and Pharmaceutical Training Manuals
Engineering Specifications Multimedia & Presentation Training Manuals
Finance Online Gaming Travel & Tours
Human Resources Patents Website Localisation

For any work apart from the above mentioned list, kindly send a sample document by email to evaluate a work for you. We will revert to you in very short span of time on receipt of your work.

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