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Consulting is about eliminating the language differences for new coming companies entering Indian market. For SMEs planning to enter into new markets, require competent partner and business support to survive their early infancy in newly adopted environment. They certainly need someone for studying the work culture, legal and accounting practices or launch pad partner to provide support for better penetration in new market. Hence, to assist you better in the language that you speak. We can offer following consulting services as you demand.

  • Business Match Making
    1. Suitability of your product and services to the market
    2. Advice on go alone or partner search
    3. Search for Business Partner, Distributor, Investor
    4. Communicate - Negotiate - Deal
    5. Consulting support & coaching
  • Business and Marketing Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Legal / Tax Advice
  • Business Development / Staffing Solutions
  • HR Function and Payroll handling and support

Set your business ball rolling cross-border in multi cultured environments with all the desired support and most suitable expert of business matters to get apt search and communication strategy.

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